Makeup at the J.W. Marriott

JW Marriott Staff Makeup Session

September 9, 2019


 Last week I was lucky enough to be invited into the beautiful new J.W. Marriott for their Staff Appreciation week, which they hold only a month after they opened! I had a lot of fun teaching some of their staff some of my favourite makeup tips and tricks for looking polished and professional. This wasn’t my first time in their incredible new space. The week before I had received a private tour of their brand new location and, if you haven’t been there - it’s a must see! Modern, luxurious, tasteful, and everything they make is delicious! I’m excited to head to their bar next week for their raved-over cocktails.

But before I get to try out the rest of their offerings. I was able to pair up with them to share some of my pro tips and I wanted to share them with you! Below is my favourite list of products and tricks that allow you to go from “fresh” to “glam” or stick to looking professional, whatever your style may be.

The Session 

When it comes to looking fresh and flawless, I rely on a couple of my favourite products to get me through each day feeling confident. I know everyone has a level of makeup they’d like to apply personally, so I broke down the list accordingly.


Top 3 Items from the event:

1.      R+Co Hair pomade “Dart”

2.      L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

3.      Ben Nye Translucent Powder (blotting away oil and shine)


The Look 

None to Fresh

Vaseline – in rose for a pink tint to lips and cheeks

Senna or Stila Cosmetics  - Cream blush for a long wearing natural bright look

Dart Pomade for a frizz free style.


Professional Makeup

Lise Watier or Tarte Cosmetics - Use a brightening concealer to hide dark circles, redness, or blemishes for a fresh looking finish.

MAC Face & Body foundation - Use a foundation over or under your concealer for a long-day flawless face

Cream or powder blush for a touch of brightness goes a long way! Use it on your eyelids for that extra touch.

A creamy neutral lipstick from MAC like Modesty or Cream in Your Coffee looks polished and pretty.

Full lashes

Shine control


Beauty Makeup

Eyeshadow in a dark colour like black, brown, navy, or deep green used as an eyeliner with an

angled brush.

Full Coverage  foundation looks professional and wears all day.

A bit of contour using MAC’s mineralized Powder in a shade 3 shades darker than your makes for a natural “wearable” contour.



Brows – My favorite is the YSL Brow Couture. They hold the brow hair and add colour for a polished or glam look.

A bold lipstick can look polished if worn well. Make sure it’s long wearing and check your teeth and mouth for smudging if you’re not used to it.



Brush Brands I love: MAC, Morphe, IT Cosmetics, Yves St. Laurent


Products I love:

RW + Co hair pomade

Nars powermatte lipstick

Lise Watier Concealer

Popow ointment for lips and skin


Hope you enjoyed learning! I had a great time teaching. Let me know if you have any questions!

- Elizabeth


Blushed Apprenticeship


Spend a year becoming a professional Makeup Artist


We offer an apprenticeship model of learning here at Blushed! We are constantly learning from each other and it’s absolutely necessary that we continue to grow and expand what we know. Part of that is also teaching the next generation of artists and help them achieve their dreams!

Requirements: basic makeup kit and 20 hour makeup course (with Blushed Beaute) Basic course is $2500 for 25 hours – in it you will learn the basics (or advanced, based on your skill set) of what you need to become a wedding makeup artist and the business skills to help you get started.

Our first year apprenticeship was a Success! Meet Emily, since becoming a Blushed Apprentice she’s been published in 4 magazines, traveled to Cuba for a wedding workshop and has been hired in Kelowna on top of the 10 - 15 weddings she does each year. She’s expanded her skill set considerable (When she started with us she was comfortable with basic makeup): She’s now proficient in hairstyling, airbrush makeup, Indian bridal, weddings, boudoir, photoshoot etiquette, how to manage a booking, how to plan key a photoshoot, fashion and more!

Here’s what she has to say

“My mentorship with Elizabeth Segura of Blushed Beaute has had a huge impact on my makeup career and on my skills. Before meeting Elizabeth, I didn’t know where to begin to create a business in makeup and was not completely comfortable in taking clients or doing events. After her 20 hour business course and apprenticeship, I was able to master the skills needed for photoshoots, as well as for wedding parties. There are so many things that you learn on the job and learn from working directly under a talented and experienced artist. Elizabeth is an amazing self taught artist and extremely good business women. Her business has grown so much since she started it 5 years ago and with it she has learned a lot about the industry and made a vast network in Edmonton.

By apprenticing under her, I have been able to skip a lot of the mistakes that I could have made being newer to the industry, and have jump-started my career in makeup fast. I was able to meet with photographers to build my portfolio and work on set, as well as on wedding parties to get hands on experience, with Elizabeth there to give me guidance when needed. She was also able to sharpen my techniques and teach me correct work etiquette when dealing with clients, photographers and models.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking to freelance and improve in the industry of bridal and editorial makeup. It was an amazing experience for me and I feel confident in my skill set, due to the opportunity to have one-on-one training and hands-on practice in this apprenticeship with one of the top makeup artists in Edmonton.”

Everyday Brushes


Everyday Brushes: What our artist Elizabeth uses for her own makeup

Brushes are important and an investment and here’s why:

  1. You waste less product. You don’t use as much with a brush because you can control the amount you grab. When you put it on your hands there’s usually extra that goes to waste.

  2. Your Brushes will make your makeup go on better. Think about the natural oils on your hands. This transfers to your product then to your face. By using a brush you will ruin less product (you know… those powders that have a dark ring around them, that’s almost always the oils wrecking it).

  3. You won’t have dirty hands that get makeup on your clothes

  4. Makeup will look exactly how you want it to. Each brush has a purpose and when you learn that it will make your makeup routine much faster and look more flawless and polished.

My Brushes:
1. Mac brow brush – Cause my brows need work. A stiff angle brush is perfect for this

2. Mac #217 x3 – I need one for light, medium and dark eye shadows

3. Still – an incredible makeup brush for blending – only at Wal-mart and surprising my favorite ever!

4. Pointed brush. Morphe – perfect for a cut crease.

5. Smudge Brush, great for a smoked out liner

6. Spoolie –excellent for brushing out your brows, you can use disposal

7. Scissors – perfect for cutting false lashes. These are $40 from mac but any small scissors work for this. These are rounded at the end for if you use them by the face

8. Mac #224 – concealer brush

9. Sephora Contour brush – amazing for contouring and adding shimmer

10. Mac Duo, large – I use this for my liquid foundation everyday, it’s fast and looks natural but can build up beautifully

11. Quo Blending brush – great for powder every day

To learn how to use them check out our youtube channel!

There are some random brushes in there too that’s I rarely use but I’ve received from Ipsy or a makeup palette but I wouldn’t consider investing in something that you aren’t sure your going to use. I often find my new brushes on, once I know I like them and they are worth it I spend more on a high end brush that’s going to last a long time and most likely work better as well.

Happy Investing!

xoxo Blushed Team

She’s in Simons

Our Owner and Master Artist Elizabeth had the pleasure of being interviewed by Janis of Dress Me Dearly and photographed by Nicole Ashley!

“Just over one year ago, with not enough hours in the day and an ever growing client list of brides, professionals and socialites seeking smokey eyes and perfect pouts, Elizabeth launched Blushed Beaute.In her first year of business Elizabeth and her team brushed dewy complexions onto more than 90 brides, did makeup for Edmonton’s high-profile fashion shows, collaborated with numerous publications for fashion and beauty  features and launched a series of makeup tutorials on YouTube.

It was such an incredible experience to be interviewed and styled. It really wasn’t what I was expecting! Having someone to shop with who is looking to bring out your best features and and make you feel confident and beautiful. If you’ve never had anyone style you before I highly recommend it! I would have never picked out this beautiful outfit but it was perfect.


Hair and makeup was of course done by me, perks of being a professional, I had just come back from Mexico and was so tanned that I wanted everything I did to show off that tan so I used The Balm pressed shadows in Maryloumanizer and Bettyloumanizer with my favourite #20 lashes in Kara (not expensive but SO pretty! On my face I used Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda (amazing!) and my cheeks were YSL Favourite and Urban Decay shimmer. On the lips I used myth in the middle, Roseate lipliner on the corners and Marc Jacobs lipgloss in pink. Brows are (as always) Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow gel. For hair it was supposed to be curled but after all the salt water from Mexico it totally fell out minutes after I put them in leaving me with this sort of “don’t care” mane that actually worked beautifully, thankfully

“What have you learned about yourself since becoming an entrepreneur?

Where to start? First I’m a workaholic. I love working and am way more ambitious and driven then I thought before; I have a hard time saying no because I always see an opportunity, even when I’m exhausted. I have always been passionate but I never had anywhere to funnel my interest before now. I’m very good at business on this small level, planning and organizing are things I enjoy, especially planning, having the ability to actually pursue success for my ideas is really empowering. I’ve learnt I think really differently from other people, I didn’t realize it before but I think from a solution or goal backwards to realize the steps I need to accomplish something, I didn’t know that was different until I started talking to other people about how to address problems. I find it makes things really clear.”

To see the rest of the interview read Here.



Photo by Nicole Ashley

Photo by Nicole Ashley