Blushed Apprenticeship


Spend a year becoming a professional Makeup Artist


We offer an apprenticeship model of learning here at Blushed! We are constantly learning from each other and it’s absolutely necessary that we continue to grow and expand what we know. Part of that is also teaching the next generation of artists and help them achieve their dreams!

Requirements: basic makeup kit and 20 hour makeup course (with Blushed Beaute) Basic course is $2500 for 25 hours – in it you will learn the basics (or advanced, based on your skill set) of what you need to become a wedding makeup artist and the business skills to help you get started.

Our first year apprenticeship was a Success! Meet Emily, since becoming a Blushed Apprentice she’s been published in 4 magazines, traveled to Cuba for a wedding workshop and has been hired in Kelowna on top of the 10 - 15 weddings she does each year. She’s expanded her skill set considerable (When she started with us she was comfortable with basic makeup): She’s now proficient in hairstyling, airbrush makeup, Indian bridal, weddings, boudoir, photoshoot etiquette, how to manage a booking, how to plan key a photoshoot, fashion and more!

Here’s what she has to say

“My mentorship with Elizabeth Segura of Blushed Beaute has had a huge impact on my makeup career and on my skills. Before meeting Elizabeth, I didn’t know where to begin to create a business in makeup and was not completely comfortable in taking clients or doing events. After her 20 hour business course and apprenticeship, I was able to master the skills needed for photoshoots, as well as for wedding parties. There are so many things that you learn on the job and learn from working directly under a talented and experienced artist. Elizabeth is an amazing self taught artist and extremely good business women. Her business has grown so much since she started it 5 years ago and with it she has learned a lot about the industry and made a vast network in Edmonton.

By apprenticing under her, I have been able to skip a lot of the mistakes that I could have made being newer to the industry, and have jump-started my career in makeup fast. I was able to meet with photographers to build my portfolio and work on set, as well as on wedding parties to get hands on experience, with Elizabeth there to give me guidance when needed. She was also able to sharpen my techniques and teach me correct work etiquette when dealing with clients, photographers and models.

I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking to freelance and improve in the industry of bridal and editorial makeup. It was an amazing experience for me and I feel confident in my skill set, due to the opportunity to have one-on-one training and hands-on practice in this apprenticeship with one of the top makeup artists in Edmonton.”