Brand New You

2016 was a really hard year for me but will simultaneously go down as one of the best years of my life. I’m going through a divorce that started March 2016 after a really painful two years. Our marriage finally ended right before wedding season and our 5 year anniversary. It’s hard to explain the cost of divorce if you haven’t gone through it yourself. In so many ways it felt like a break in my identity and sense of self. I ended a promise I had planned to keep forever and, regardless of the reason, that was crushing. Before separating I was (unknowingly) dealing with anxiety and depression as well as a heart problem from stress and I was in really rough shape physically and emotionally. The divorce was the start of a crazy journey that took me from a place where I was completely separate from my own emotions and took me to a place where I feel like myself in my own skin.

Getting back to being my old self was amazing and I’m thankful I could do it so quickly but just being my old self wasn’t enough anymore. I want to be better, to always improve. As an entrepreneur and business owner there’s so much I know I need to invest in so I can be the best I can for those who depend on me to keep growing my business. I’ve been reading non-stop since the separation and the business books often repeat each other saying the same things; invest in your health, work out, eat well, meditate, read, have healthy boundaries, take time to relax, invest in family and friends, and when you work – work hard. I am continually working to practice all of these things in my own life, taking each day as it comes and trying to forgive myself when I fail, which is also every day. From what I’ve learnt in the past little while, investing in yourself is one of the most powerful things you can, not only for you, but for all the people that matter to you. And it can’t just be the inside or outside, the emotions or the intellect. It has to be you as a whole being.


One of the things that I think is super powerful about being a makeup artist is not only the ability to feel good about how I look every day, but also the opportunity I have to empower others to feel great about themselves! I love that when I am having a bad day or a tough week or simply want to feel pretty, I can put on some lipstick, lashes or a fuller coverage concealer and feel like I’m still putting my best face forward. It might seem simple or even silly but I’m thankful for that skill more often than I can say and I want to empower other women to do the same thing! Our outward presentation is a summary of what we want people to know about us. It’s deliberate even when casual. Regardless of what you may think, your appearance is a way of informing the world what you want it to know in seconds. Information easily obtained and freely given. I want to look like a #girlboss. How do you want to look?

Now I know this totally sounds like a plug (and it definitely is):

What is Brand New You? It’ll be different for everyone but for me It’s my way of avoiding dressing like Mark Zuckerberg and it’s a way of presenting my best self. Almost every day I was struggling to come up with an outfit that says everything I want it to say about me while simultaneously being comfortable and hard to get dirty (I’m a makeup artist… but more importantly I have a tendency to spill. I have not unkindly been referred to as a child in reference to my clumsiness). Ok, so the Zuckerberg reference needs clarification. I had read about Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg wearing the same outfit every day to avoid something called decision fatigue. Basically, making many decisions early in the day wears down your ability to make good ones later on, which is why we often struggle with making smart choices in the evening. For example, it’s harder to convince yourself to go to the gym, make a healthy meal, or read a good book instead of watching TV. This isn’t bad once in a while, but often it become a lifestyle habit. To avoid that fatigue you find ways of skipping the small decisions by making routines – for example; meal prep, wear the same clothes every day, drive the same way to work, drink the same coffee etc. These decisions aren’t as important as deciding who to hire, what to eat, or if you should finish that big project tonight. As a result of learning this I decided all summer to wear white v-necks and neutral pants/shorts in black/brown or jean. This did not work well.

Problem: I wore them out quickly, got them dirty constantly (not super professional to turn up with makeup on your clothes) and they didn’t translate to the winter months well.

Solution: Wear outfits that look amazing, but don’t make that decision every day!

Ok this still presents a problem because, I mean, you heard my white v-neck idea. I’m happy with simple outfits but I still run into the same problem everyday of looking at a huge closet and seeing “nothing to wear”.  Jessica from Walking My Runway came to show me just how creative my closet could be! My closet is now set up by outfit rather than just a mash of clothes. She made absolutely STUNNING outfits by putting together clothes I never would have (some of which I guiltily admit I had never worn but had owned for over 5 years). Needless to say, I am in love with the results.

Then… She went shopping for me! I got to hang out in her gorgeous home “shop” and try on clothes hand picked for my closet. I couldn’t believe my first outfit! Not only did I love it, it fit PERFECT, and it was on SALE! She picked clothes that were very different from what I already had, but fit in perfectly as she already knew what I was missing. My favorite part was purchasing $500 worth of clothes for $250. My second favorite part was the $1300.00 jacket she got for $45! Not a typo. She’s a sale-hunting genius. (I did not purchase it as it wasn’t something that I felt I really needed. She recommends only purchasing items that you need not just that are on sale).

Jillian from Jillian Schecher Studio is a Brand Photographer. She came into this mix bringing her incredible photography skills as well as her impeccable taste, bubbly attitude and a whole lot of heart. Branding is about sending a cohesive message about who you are to the world. Whether you are a business or a professional woman, you want to send the right signals about who you are.

I remember learning that the reason you need a “brand’ is because ; if you walked into McDonalds and were lead to plush seating by a formally dressed waiter, asked to sit to peruse a menu, then proceeded to have a 3 hour 6 course meal, you would be confused. You came in for a $5, 7 minute meal that you could take with you in your vehicle. You don’t care how they are dressed and you don’t have time for 6 courses. It might be the best food you ever had but it’s not why you were there. Branding is about setting expectations for your clients that are accurate and reflect what they should expect of their experience. Compare the branding of McDonalds to that of a Fairmont. Not similar. There is a reason for that and branding is the way they send that message.

Enter Jillian. She’s brilliant because she can help clarify that for you and those who want to work with or hire you! She brings out those elements of who you are and enables you to present that to the world whether it’s headshots for Linked In or photos for your website etc.  I hired her to do headshots and brand photography for my team because of the incredible way she brings out who you are! She’s passionate about finding out what makes you special and bringing that out using her camera. She’s got amazing energy and she’s brought us all together in a way I feel represents my brand. My favorite thing about Jillian is she’s so passionate about really understanding her clients. Makes me feel super special every time I hang out with her!

Below is what we want to offer our clients. We want to elevate our clients to present their best selves this year. 2016 is (finally) over and 2017 is going to be incredible! We are focusing on growth but also investing in ourselves because without that, we can’t be the people we need to be for our families, friends or clients. Realizing that was the work of last year. The work for this year is to become our best selves! #selfbydesign


Are you ready to own your worth, embrace the beauty that is you, and show the world what you’ve got? We’ve come together as 3 independent business owners with the desire to empower you to put your best face forward, own your style and show the world who you really are!



PUT YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD. Elizabeth will help you design an everyday look that will empower you to feel confident in every situation life throws at you. Want to look professional from 8am until you are done for the day? This isn’t about vanity, this is about how you feel everyday when you get ready in the morning. Learn to have confidence in looking flawless and refreshed with your new 20 minute routine.


Package Offerings:

1. Hair & Makeup For Headshots $175 (incl lashes)

2. Hair & Makeup AND A Makeup Branding tutorial $275 . In one hour you will learn how to create a brand for yourself that is not only easy to apply everyday but represents who you are, leaving you feeling professional and beautiful. * Including lashes.

3. Optional Upgrade: With this package, you will receive 2 looks for your photoshoot or an additional one hour Makeup Branding tutorial +$100



OWN YOUR STYLE. Jessica will help you find your own unique style and bring your existing wardrobe back to life! A photographed look book will make dressing in the morning a breeze. Style tips specific to your wardrobe will assist you with future outfit experiments. Unflattering, unfitting and worn out items will be purged to cleanse your closet of clutter. New versatile additions will maximize your wardrobe allowing you to save a lot of valuable time and look and feel your best!


Package Offerings:

1. Three Hour Wardrobe Restyle (Approximately 15 outfits) + Personal Look Book – $500

2. Full Wardrobe Restyle + Purge + Organization + Personal Look Book + Style Tips + New Addition Suggestions – $1000

 3. Full Wardrobe Restyle + Personal Look Book + Purge + Reorganization + Style Tips + Personal Shopping for New Versatile Additions – $1500

SHOW THE WORLD WHO YOU REALLY ARE. Jillian will connect with you to better understand who you are and what lights you up. Whether a headshot, lifestyle or brand styled session, together you will create compelling visuals that capture that special thing that only you have. This will help build confidence and connect with your audience on a deeper level by showcasing your uniqueness and sincerely setting you apart.

 1. Headshots –  Studio based & taken in one location. Package includes  5 High Resolution Images. – $400

2. Lifestyle Photo Session – Location to be determined. Package includes 10 High Resolution Images. – $600

3. Brand Styled Photo Session  – Taken in one or two locations to best capture you and your brand. Package includes headshots and additional branded and styled imagery for your website and/or social media platforms to attract ideal clients and build your community. – $800