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Our Owner and Master Artist Elizabeth had the pleasure of being interviewed by Janis of Dress Me Dearly and photographed by Nicole Ashley!

“Just over one year ago, with not enough hours in the day and an ever growing client list of brides, professionals and socialites seeking smokey eyes and perfect pouts, Elizabeth launched Blushed Beaute.In her first year of business Elizabeth and her team brushed dewy complexions onto more than 90 brides, did makeup for Edmonton’s high-profile fashion shows, collaborated with numerous publications for fashion and beauty  features and launched a series of makeup tutorials on YouTube.

It was such an incredible experience to be interviewed and styled. It really wasn’t what I was expecting! Having someone to shop with who is looking to bring out your best features and and make you feel confident and beautiful. If you’ve never had anyone style you before I highly recommend it! I would have never picked out this beautiful outfit but it was perfect.


Hair and makeup was of course done by me, perks of being a professional, I had just come back from Mexico and was so tanned that I wanted everything I did to show off that tan so I used The Balm pressed shadows in Maryloumanizer and Bettyloumanizer with my favourite #20 lashes in Kara (not expensive but SO pretty! On my face I used Giorgio Armani Crema Nuda (amazing!) and my cheeks were YSL Favourite and Urban Decay shimmer. On the lips I used myth in the middle, Roseate lipliner on the corners and Marc Jacobs lipgloss in pink. Brows are (as always) Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow gel. For hair it was supposed to be curled but after all the salt water from Mexico it totally fell out minutes after I put them in leaving me with this sort of “don’t care” mane that actually worked beautifully, thankfully

“What have you learned about yourself since becoming an entrepreneur?

Where to start? First I’m a workaholic. I love working and am way more ambitious and driven then I thought before; I have a hard time saying no because I always see an opportunity, even when I’m exhausted. I have always been passionate but I never had anywhere to funnel my interest before now. I’m very good at business on this small level, planning and organizing are things I enjoy, especially planning, having the ability to actually pursue success for my ideas is really empowering. I’ve learnt I think really differently from other people, I didn’t realize it before but I think from a solution or goal backwards to realize the steps I need to accomplish something, I didn’t know that was different until I started talking to other people about how to address problems. I find it makes things really clear.”

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Photo by Nicole Ashley

Photo by Nicole Ashley