Makeup at the J.W. Marriott

JW Marriott Staff Makeup Session

September 9, 2019


 Last week I was lucky enough to be invited into the beautiful new J.W. Marriott for their Staff Appreciation week, which they hold only a month after they opened! I had a lot of fun teaching some of their staff some of my favourite makeup tips and tricks for looking polished and professional. This wasn’t my first time in their incredible new space. The week before I had received a private tour of their brand new location and, if you haven’t been there - it’s a must see! Modern, luxurious, tasteful, and everything they make is delicious! I’m excited to head to their bar next week for their raved-over cocktails.

But before I get to try out the rest of their offerings. I was able to pair up with them to share some of my pro tips and I wanted to share them with you! Below is my favourite list of products and tricks that allow you to go from “fresh” to “glam” or stick to looking professional, whatever your style may be.

The Session 

When it comes to looking fresh and flawless, I rely on a couple of my favourite products to get me through each day feeling confident. I know everyone has a level of makeup they’d like to apply personally, so I broke down the list accordingly.


Top 3 Items from the event:

1.      R+Co Hair pomade “Dart”

2.      L’Oréal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara

3.      Ben Nye Translucent Powder (blotting away oil and shine)


The Look 

None to Fresh

Vaseline – in rose for a pink tint to lips and cheeks

Senna or Stila Cosmetics  - Cream blush for a long wearing natural bright look

Dart Pomade for a frizz free style.


Professional Makeup

Lise Watier or Tarte Cosmetics - Use a brightening concealer to hide dark circles, redness, or blemishes for a fresh looking finish.

MAC Face & Body foundation - Use a foundation over or under your concealer for a long-day flawless face

Cream or powder blush for a touch of brightness goes a long way! Use it on your eyelids for that extra touch.

A creamy neutral lipstick from MAC like Modesty or Cream in Your Coffee looks polished and pretty.

Full lashes

Shine control


Beauty Makeup

Eyeshadow in a dark colour like black, brown, navy, or deep green used as an eyeliner with an

angled brush.

Full Coverage  foundation looks professional and wears all day.

A bit of contour using MAC’s mineralized Powder in a shade 3 shades darker than your makes for a natural “wearable” contour.



Brows – My favorite is the YSL Brow Couture. They hold the brow hair and add colour for a polished or glam look.

A bold lipstick can look polished if worn well. Make sure it’s long wearing and check your teeth and mouth for smudging if you’re not used to it.



Brush Brands I love: MAC, Morphe, IT Cosmetics, Yves St. Laurent


Products I love:

RW + Co hair pomade

Nars powermatte lipstick

Lise Watier Concealer

Popow ointment for lips and skin


Hope you enjoyed learning! I had a great time teaching. Let me know if you have any questions!

- Elizabeth