Everyday Brushes


Everyday Brushes: What our artist Elizabeth uses for her own makeup

Brushes are important and an investment and here’s why:

  1. You waste less product. You don’t use as much with a brush because you can control the amount you grab. When you put it on your hands there’s usually extra that goes to waste.

  2. Your Brushes will make your makeup go on better. Think about the natural oils on your hands. This transfers to your product then to your face. By using a brush you will ruin less product (you know… those powders that have a dark ring around them, that’s almost always the oils wrecking it).

  3. You won’t have dirty hands that get makeup on your clothes

  4. Makeup will look exactly how you want it to. Each brush has a purpose and when you learn that it will make your makeup routine much faster and look more flawless and polished.

My Brushes:
1. Mac brow brush – Cause my brows need work. A stiff angle brush is perfect for this

2. Mac #217 x3 – I need one for light, medium and dark eye shadows

3. Still – an incredible makeup brush for blending – only at Wal-mart and surprising my favorite ever!

4. Pointed brush. Morphe – perfect for a cut crease.

5. Smudge Brush, great for a smoked out liner

6. Spoolie –excellent for brushing out your brows, you can use disposal

7. Scissors – perfect for cutting false lashes. These are $40 from mac but any small scissors work for this. These are rounded at the end for if you use them by the face

8. Mac #224 – concealer brush

9. Sephora Contour brush – amazing for contouring and adding shimmer

10. Mac Duo, large – I use this for my liquid foundation everyday, it’s fast and looks natural but can build up beautifully

11. Quo Blending brush – great for powder every day

To learn how to use them check out our youtube channel!

There are some random brushes in there too that’s I rarely use but I’ve received from Ipsy or a makeup palette but I wouldn’t consider investing in something that you aren’t sure your going to use. I often find my new brushes on Morphe.com, once I know I like them and they are worth it I spend more on a high end brush that’s going to last a long time and most likely work better as well.

Happy Investing!

xoxo Blushed Team